Bajaj Dominar UG Crash Guard Type 2


Presenting the Bajaj Dominar UG Crash Guard Type 2 by Hyperrider Motorcycle Accessories.

The Type 2 Crash Guard for Bajaj Dominar UG protects the engine casing, the radiator and the petrol tank in case of any fall. It’s a 2-piece crash guard with enough space between the crash guard and the radiator. Comes with 2mamazing frame sliders attached to it. The new crash guard is designed in a way to protect the engine casing and the petrol tank also. The crash guard is a two-piece crash guard so it makes it very strong and sturdy. If the lower piece gets damaged in a crash, you can replace just the lower part. Don’t have to buy the whole crash guard again. The slider is made of CNC machined Delrin. Even in impact, it wouldn’t break but only the screws might bend but not the crush guard or the frame slider. And you can buy the screws again only if required additional. Weighs at just 5kgs.

NOTE: Compatible with Dominar 250 & 400 from 2019 to 2022

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