Honda H’ness Top Rack and Saddle Stay


Presenting the Honda H’ness Top Rack and Saddle Stay. This time we have gone with a complete round pipe set-up to maintain the retro look and to make the top rack saddle stay look like a stock set-up.

Top Rack
The unique part about the Top Rack is you can also use the company saddle stay on our top rack with the same bolts. You can also carry up to 45kgs and fit any kind of Top Box.

Saddle Stay
The unique part about the Saddle Stay is you can fix it with stock grab rail if you want just the saddle stay also you can fix Himalayan Panniers directly without any alteration. Top Rack & Saddle Stay Together Weights 2.5kgs only.
Made of Mild Steel
We use stainless steel bolts.

Pricing of Individual:-
Top Rack – Rs.2250
Saddle Stay – Rs.2450
If you buy both separately Rs.4700 but if you together you get it for only RS.3750

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