DIY Installation of Crash Guard for Royal Enfield Himalayan

*Collect the required tools such as wrenches, sockets, and the crash guard kit. *Ensure you have the necessary bolts and brackets included in the kit.

Gather Tools and Materials

*Park the Royal Enfield Himalayan on a flat surface. *Use a center stand or paddock stand for stability.

Prepare the Bike

*Use the appropriate tools to remove the bolts securing the front engine guard, if present. *Keep the bolts and washers aside for reassembly.

Remove the Stock Bolts

*Position the crash guard against the bike's frame, aligning the mounting holes.. *Insert the provided bolts through the guard and into the frame, but do not fully tighten them yet.

Install the Crash Guard

*Tighten the bolts securely with the wrenches, ensuring the crash guard is firmly attached. *Check the alignment of the guard and make any necessary adjustments. *Double-check all bolts and connections for tightness before riding.

Secure and Adjust

Secure Your Ride: Install a Crash Guard Today!