Centre Stand for Bajaj Dominar


Presenting the Centre Stand for Bajaj Dominar UG by Hyperrider Motorcycle Accessories.

The first Centre Stand for Bajaj Dominar UG which can be installed on the 2017-18 & 2019 Dominar despite both the sensors being in 2 different places. For example, the 2017-18 sensor is in the middle of the side stand and the 2019 sensor is on the top of the side stand. While making the stand, Without any alteration.

FAQs (Our USPs):

If the chain gets loose will it touch?

  • No, it won’t touch the stand because we have given space after trying on the loose chain bike.

How is the Ground Clearance after putting the stand?

  • We have taken the measurement of the catalyst converter (the box under the 2017-18 Dominar) and matched it. So till now we haven’t heard or felt it hitting or touching the ground on humps in all our testing. The Centre stand has not touched the ground even while doing cornering because the outer loop which comes out of the stand is at the same level as the side stand.

How much Ground Clearance will my Tyre get?

  • There is enough space so that your hand can easily slip in under the tyre. Even for the tyre size of 140/70/17R, it will comfortable and be well above the ground level.

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