Husqvarna Top Rack and Saddle Stay (Type 2)


Presenting the Husqvarna Top Rack and Saddle Stay (Type 2) by Hyperrider Motorcycle Accessories.

A Top Rack & Saddle Stay Specially designed to integrate seamlessly with Husqvarna Svarpilen & Vitpilen.  Ready to host the quick release system, beautiful and minimal even when the bag is not mounted. It comes complete with screws and can be mounted easily on the bike in the original configuration. It can be used comfortably with the passenger on board. Comes with a aluminum plate to mount any kind of Top Box.
This fits both the Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen pretty easily.

Pricing of Individual:
Top Rack – Rs.2950
Saddle Stay – Rs.1750
If you buy both separately Rs.4700 but if you get them together you get it for only Rs.3950.

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