Compare Type 1 & Type 2 crash guards: Type 1 offers rugged protection, while Type 2 balances protection with style. Which suits your ride?

*Type 1 crash guards offer maximum protection with a tough look, appealing to rugged riders. *Type 2 crash guards blend protection and style with sleek designs that match the bike's look.

1.) Protection and Style:: 

*Type 1 crash guards use heavy-duty materials like steel or aluminum for durability. *Type 2 crash guards use lighter materials like alloy or composite for a balance of protection and weight.

2.) Material and Construction: :

*Type 1 crash guards slightly affect handling, especially off-road. *Type 2 crash guards have minimal impact on handling, ideal for maneuverability.

3.) Impact on Handling: 

*Type 1 crash guards are model-specific and may need professional installation. *Type 2 crash guards are versatile and easier to install, favored by DIY enthusiasts.

4.) Compatibility and Installation: : :

*Type 1 crash guards are pricier due to their specialized design and heavy-duty build. *Type 2 crash guards are more affordable, offering good value for cost-conscious riders.

5.) Cost and Value:

Choosing the right crash guard is crucial for your bike's safety.