BMW G 310 GS Saddle Stay (SILVER)


Presenting the BMW G 310 GS Saddle Stay (SILVER) by Hyperrider Motorcycle Accessories.

Hyperrider’s protection meets the BMW’s Luxury with this all-new Silver-themed Saddle Stay. Designed to ensure high performance without compromising on style this all-new saddle stay brings on a new makeover to the overall design of the bike.

There have been incidents of saddle bags meeting with hot exhaust and catching fire, to begin with. With our saddle stays, you can mount your bags without any such worries. Our thoughtfully designed saddle stays not only serves a common purpose, it also makes a style statement when not in use. The pannier frames help flaunt your biker lifestyle and as an entry ticket into an onlooker’s envy. Unlike any other Saddle Stays in the world, the Hyperrider pannier mounts will have an extensive collection of styling trims and functional add-ons too.

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